The Paper Boutique Dies - Sentiments Male Relations

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This Sentiments- Male Relations collection from The Paper Boutique range contains 20 high-quality dies: 10 sentiment dies and 10 corresponding matt dies. Designed by Claina Palmer exclusively for Creative Crafting World, every die is made from durable steel to ensure a perfect cut, every time! Husband Die 1.6 x 5.2cms/0.6" x 2.0". Matt for Husband Die 2.0cms x 5.6cms/0.8" x 2.2". Son Die 3.5cms x 4.5cms/ 1.4" x 1.8".. Matt for Son Die 4.0ms x 4.9cms/1.6" x 1.9". Grand Son Die 3.9cms x 4.8cms/1.5" x 1.9". Matt for Grand Son Die 4.3cms x 5.2cms/1.7" x 2.0". Father Die 2.2cms x 4.6cms/0.9" x 1.9". Matt for Father Die 2.6cms x 5.2cms/1.0" x 2.0". Partner Die 1.8 x 5.2cms/0.7" x 2.0". Matt for Partner Die 2.2cms x 5.6cms/0.9" x 2.2". Dad Die 2.9cms x 4.9cms/ 1.1" x 1.9". Matt for Dad Die 3.4ms x 5.3cms/1.3" x 2.1". Brother Die 1.9cms x 5.1cms/0.7" x 2.0". Matt for Brother Die 2.3cms x 5.6cms/0.9" x 2.2". Nephew Die 2.7cms x 5.0cms/1.1" x 2.0". Matt for Nephew Die 3.1cms x 5.4cms/1.2" x 2.1". Grand Dad Die 3.7 x 4.7cms/1.5" x 1.9". Matt for Grand Dad Die 4.1cms x 5.1cms/1.6" x 2.0". Uncle Die 2.4cms x 4.8cms/ 0.9" x 1.9". Matt for Uncle Die 2.8ms x 5.2cms/1.1" x 2.0".